SIS services include both customized management solutions and turn-key offerings to nearly any industry segment that currently provides services to the federal government. SIS can provide project management services across a wide-range of business segments. Whether a bid or proposal calls for 100 percent of the work to be completed through a prime contractor or through a prime contractor and a team of its subcontractors, SIS can deliver its myriad of services to support any customer need.

As a prime contractor, SIS will provide turn-key management services accompanied by todays latest accounting and business practices. Based on specific government needs, SIS will provide:

- The proper management team of seasoned professionals who will oversee all aspects of a contract’s obligations and its fiduciary responsibilities to the government.

- All project management responsibilities in order to successfully complete the contract.

  • This includes the day-to-day advocacy for new projects and programs;
  • Management of the contract;
  • Management of awarded contracts to include development of project work schedules, review and approval of deliverables, interactions with the customer, and establishment of financial management to include contracts management, accounts receivable and payable, and payment disbursements.


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