Mr. Ron Braughton, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Braughton serves as CEO of Sterling and is one of the company’s original co-founders. With an extensive career in medical and tactical training since 1979, Braughton also serves as Sterling’s chief medical advisor to its clients that include the U.S. State Department and the Department of Justice. Beginning his career as an Army Ranger, Braughton has had the following military assignments: i46th Company, 1St Special Forces Group (Thailand), 5th Special Forces Group (Ft Bragg, NC), USAEURSOC (Tier 1 SMU), Berlin, FRG, 2nd Ranger Battalion, Ft Lewis, WA, JSOC (Tier 1 SMU), Ft Bragg, NC, 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, Ft Bragg, NC. JSOC (Tier 1 SMU), Ft Bragg, NC.

With Sterling, Braughton has been a contract operational medical officer for DEA FAST unit. He has been responsible for providing 24 hour consultancy to FAST elements deployed in the Global War on Terror in Southwest Asia and Western Hemisphere missions. Primary unit tactical medicine trainer for unit medical readiness in support of pre-deployment training packages. Mr. Braughton graduated Cum Laude from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science.

Mr. Paul Looney, Chief Financial Officer/Facility Security Officer

Mr. Looney currently serves as Sterling’s Facility Security Officer (FSO) and is Chief Financial Officer of the company. Mr. Looney is the contract manager for Sterling’s DEA FAST program. Looney has spent over 20 years working in management positions in both the public and private-sector, beginning his public service role as a legislative assistant to U.S. Congressman Ed Royce in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. After serving the Congressman, Looney served as government relations director to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the nation’s largest aerospace trade association, where he managed the association’s government affairs program for its membership that included Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Thales and BAE Systems. In this role, Looney worked extensively with the executive and legislative branches of government formulating national defense policies.

Following AIAA, Mr. Looney founded a strategic government affairs and federal marketing firm, The Washington Capitol Group (TWCG), where he served as Principal. TWCG’s client list included Fortune 500 companies such as Arthur J. Gallagher Company, Eastman-Kodak, BAE Systems, Smith and Nephew, ARINC and Aerospatiale. Looney specialized in assisting these corporations in identifying government business opportunities, raising private equity and with product branding efforts. Looney also serves as EVP, Strategic Development for HBW Resources in Houston. Mr. Looney holds a BA from The University of Texas at Austin and holds an MPA in International Management from George Mason University.

Joel Moore, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Moore is a Principal of Sterling Integrated Solutions and guides our Business Development team. He has assisted in developing projects with government agencies that include the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, SOCOM, The State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service and throughout private industry. Mr. Moore is also co-founder of one of Sterling’s strategic partners, SentriForce, a video surveillance company in Houston, Texas. SentriForce is a leading provider of surveillance products and live video monitoring.

Mr. Moore first began his career in finance, commercial real estate, and private equity. He spent several years in commercial real estate development before branching out in entrepreneurship and private investment. His leadership and finance experience are now an invaluable part of the Sterling team.

When not engaged with Sterling, Mr. Moore manages his investments in other businesses and sits on several company boards. He also sits on numerous philanthropic committees and boards around the Houston, TX area. Mr. Moore's greatest interest is in his family and when not working he spends as much time with them as possible.

Jack Belcher, Director, Regulatory and Environmental Affairs

Jack Belcher serves as Director of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs for Sterling where he advises energy companies, energy consumers, trade associations, thinks tanks, NGOs and academic institutions on public policy, public relations, economics, regulatory affairs, advocacy and community affairs issues. Jack has almost 20 years of experience in energy policy, government and regulatory affairs, communications, community outreach and coalition building.

Jack served for five years as the Regulatory Affairs and Policy Manager for Shell's Exploration & Production operations in North America. In that role he managed Shell's efforts to obtain and maintain its license to operate by securing regulatory approvals, permits, leasehold interests and compliance with regulations. He developed and implemented strategic plans, including legislative and regulatory strategies, to secure the best outcomes for the company. He also worked as a Manager of Communications for its North American E&P operations, including its crisis management process, and its Alaska operations.

Jack served as the Staff Director for the Subcommittee on Energy & Mineral Resources, US House of Representatives, where he managed the subcommittee’s oversight and legislative efforts surrounding oil, gas and mining activities. At the Subcommittee he played a key role in developing the oil and gas, coal and geothermal provisions that were made into law as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Mr. Belcher has a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.

John V. Young, Director, Environmental Sciences and Engineering

John Young is a seismic expert having spent over 32 years in the research, design, testing, and application of seismic imaging technology with ExxonMobil. He has designed and helped to conduct seismic surveys around the world, from the United States to the North Sea, Africa, South America, and China. Prior to the decommissioning of "company crews," Mr. Young was the logistics coordinator for Exxon's three seismic research vessels and spent 3 years as Party Chief for Exxon's remaining land seismic crew. At Sterling, Young provides a full suite of marine sound services such as marine mammal observers, acoustic monitoring, acoustic modeling, field verification, acoustic data analysis, and assisting research. He works with Sterling in the development of risk assessment processes and associated GIS tools that will be used to aid ocean sound-producers (oil and gas, navies, alternative energy companies, submarine cable companies, etc.) in demonstrating their ability to quantify and mitigate potential impacts of their offshore operations.

Prior to his retirement from Exxonmobil in June 2011, Mr. Young served as Senior Technical and External Network Advisor to ExxonMobil's Marine Access Issue Group. As part of his duties, he served in the role of Executive Committee Chairman to the OGP Joint Industry Programme on Sound and Marine Life (JIP) and as a member of the European Union workgroup on marine noise. Immediately preceding this assignment, he served as Seismic Data Acquisition Supervisor for ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company where he was responsible for the supervision of a team of researchers and the oversight of all ongoing research, including seismic sources, multi-component receivers, and computer imaging algorithm development. Mr. Young is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the European Association of Geophysicists and Engineers, the Acoustical Society of America and the Society for Marine Mammalogy. He holds an electrical engineering degree from Old Dominion University.

John Autenreith, VP-Business Development

Mr. Autenreith is Vice-President of Business Development where he manages commercial and government contracts in the areas of oilfield services, transportation and logistics. In this role, Autenreith handles all aspects of contract negotiation including pricing, purchasing and delivery of services to Sterling’s end-users and customers.

Autenreith comes to Sterling after serving as Black & Veatch’s Country Manager of Security for the USAID Kandahar Helmand Power Project (KHPP) where he managed the project’s independent contracts within Kandahar Province. In this position, Autenreith was responsible for the procurement of infrastructure and logistics contracts that included power generation, fuel, security and air transportation. The KHPP helped contribute to the U.S. government civilian-military cooperation on counterinsurgency and ultimately helped the Afghan Government address a 20-25 megawatt (MW) electricity shortfall in Kandahar City. The project was a major achievement in the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s devasted infrastructure. Prior to Black & Veatch, Mr. Autenreith was the Director of The Khudairi Group / John Deere Heavy Equipment in IRAQ shortly after the events of 9-11. Autenreith oversaw operations for logistical support for Khudairi’s Armored Excavators with Marine Corps Systems Command and its delivery to the Iraq theater.

Mr. Autenreith began his career by serving as a platoon sergeant in Special Operations in the U.S. Marine Corps with the Deep Reconnaissance Platoons at 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion (MEU SOC) in Okinawa, Japan. Deployments included Iraq, Japan and Africa. Autenreith’s Special Operations background afforded him the opportunity to provide medical and tactical training directly to JSOC groups training for the war on terror.

Autenreith holds a BA in Communications from the University of Houston.

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